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We are leading Antiretroviral Drug Manufacturer in India

We are one of the leading Antiretroviral Drug Manufacturer from India.

Livealth Biopharma is one of the pinnacle Pharmaceutical company in India, antiretroviral drug manufacturers. These drugs are used in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in patients. These medicinal drugs, also referred to as antiretrovirals, have been in use on the grounds that 1996 and are presently the handiest treatment for HIV/AIDS. Antiretroviral pills can assist prevent the progression of AIDS, reduce the hazard of transmission from an infected character, and reduce mortality due to headaches from AIDS. Further to preventing or mitigating those situations, antiretroviral pills can also help with different signs and symptoms related to HIV/AIDS inclusive of fatigue and weight reduction. There are numerous lessons of antiretroviral which can be used throughout one of a kind levels of the HIV/AIDS lifecycle.

HIV Drug marketplace is one of the growing drug markets throughout the globe. There has been a tremendous upward push inside the variety of HIV populations global. On the other hand, an growth within the wide variety of instances of infection transmission via infected needles or inflamed blood has been registered inside the previous couple of years. Breast milk, unprotected sex is the maximum common & huge path of HIV to infect a huge number of populations throughout the globe and reduce the immunity of protection towards infections.

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20000 Liquids
100000 Externals
100000 Injectables

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