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We are leading Generic Drugs Manufacturer in India

We are one of the leading Generic Drugs Manufacturer from India.

Livealth Biopharma is a Generic Drugs Manufacturer in India. We're a globally reputed call in terms of Generic medicines. Our international-elegance manufacturing facility along side a skilled group of pharmacists works day and night time to make certain the first-class viable give up product. We have a assorted product line throughout all elements of healthcare. This consists of capsules, drugs, syrups, drops, sachets, etc. For eye care, pediatrics, dental care, etc.

Our customers encompass lengthy-time period care pharmacies, retail pharmacies, distinctiveness pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies throughout the globe. Kindly touch us to know extra about our popular medicine exports from India.

Our Production Capacity

3000000 Tablets
1000000 Capsules
20000 Liquids
100000 Externals
100000 Injectables

Our Product Range

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